New Design!!

Well any one who follows, will now notice a more fun blog I hope. With a little help from google I was able to manipulate the header so I could put something fun up there :)

Off to turn in rent and head to bed!

Was really great seeing everyone at Wendy's tonight.


Save the Dates!

Well, we have officially ordered our save the dates - as they are to be sent out between 6 and 8 months (according to my checklist from the knot), and we just hit the 8 month mark! Exciting, how time flies by so fast!

Also our amazing videographer, Drew, put together an amazing save the date video which will be posted following our save the dates being sent. But that video is really cute too. Its amazing what some one with his talent and creativity is capable of doing. I can't wait to see what he captures for our wedding and for our reception.

In other news, life as we know it, is going well. This week was pretty busy for both of us, and Rob got the news following his MRI, that he actually does not have a torn rotator cuff!! Yea, although his shoulder is still killing him and he will be getting a cortisone shot this Tuesday to help with the pain.

Last night Rob had some mother-bonding time over a Lugnuts Baseball game. Said he enjoyed himself and allowed me to get some wedding stuff done. Today we slept in and then went to the Potter Park zoo for a change of pace and to get outside. we just got back from a family function at Jim and Becky's (cousins on Jessica's dad side). There is always a lot of food and lots of people, so its good to catch up with family that we don't see only but a few times a year. Every now and again they have poker tournaments too so that will be something to go to.

Jessica's parents survived Irene, though Irene didn't end up hitting them as originally thought would happen. Last I had heard, they had a tropical storm warning and the weather was clearing up nicely today. Prayers sent out to those that Irene hit or is heading too.

Tomorrow will be another lazy laid back day. I'm hoping to accomplish a few more scrapbook things or a wedding item or too, though I have lost motivation. I did however finish a word book for a certain family member and am working on the second one for another family member. That post can be checked out here

I will have more to update sure enough and keep your eyes out in the next month for some save the dates - they will be on there way soon enough :) I believe there are 238 days until the wedding....


Day to day life...

This week has been crazy busy, and yet it is going by sooooo slow! My work is crazy busy and Rob is exhausted...

it's sad I just want to go home and go to bed when I get out of work. Absolutely no motivation. The past two nights (not tonight) Rob has ended up taking a nap prior to going to bed. Sheesh.

In better news, this weekend we have a Lugnuts game with CTFE on Saturday night and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. So I'm hoping things calm down after this weekend, because at least for me, tomorrow is super busy and I don't want to think about Friday... Bring on the weekend!!


Wedding plans

Well, plans are moving forward well (notice the new ticker @ the bottom!). Invitations are near done (about 97% done)... I have to wait on a few things such as hotel information and addresses before they are complete. But that is a huge weight off my shoulders to have those nearly done

The design for save the dates is done. I haven't ordered them yet, but then again they won't be mailed for another month... I guess that is going to come quickly :)

We are meeting with the cake lady when my parents get back from MB (end of September).

We'll keep you posted as things keep moving forward. We are really looking forward to April 21!

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