Quick Reminder!

If you are planning on staying in the hotel for the wedding festivities - deadline to reserve a room (under the wedding party name)  is March 20!

Just a little over a month till the big day!


Bridal Showers + Bachelorette Party

This past weekend was so fun and so busy!

On Saturday, my aunt Shelley and cousin, Lisa and her daughter, Erin, hosted a fabulous bridal shower in my honor. There was a great showing of around 26 people, yummy brunch dishes, mamosas and a yummy cake! I got so many awesome shower gifts. My friend and bridesmaid, Maggie even flew in from California for the occasion (that meant A LOT).

Saturday night was my bachelorette party. We met at Town Place Suites near MSU at 5:30pm where I opened some fun lingerie and other "goodies". We then carpooled to one of my favorite Sushi restaurants, AI Fusion. It was the first time experiencing a private room with "low seating" which none of us knew what it meant. We thought we would be sitting on pillows or something and playing footsie with everyone all night, but rather we stepped up and into the room and then there was a "hole" under the table so it was as if we were sitting at an actual table, not on the floor. It was a great experience and there were 9 of us, including a few of my friends, my sister and my mom, and one of my future sis-in-laws. Yummy food was had.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a few games and then we hit the bars. It happened to be one of the coldest days this winter, or so it seemed so we only made it to Ricks and then closed down the bar at Dublin square. It was truly a great night, and I had too much... and had a hangover...

...Which means Sunday started out a little rough. I had Rob's side of the family bridal shower. Fortunately, in my favor, it was later in the day and by the time it rolled around I was feeling near 100% again after a slow and painful recovery (lol). A completely different shower "theme" - the wine and Italian theme was amazing. Yummy fettuccine with Alfredo or marinara sauces with bread and salad. It was really good and was beyond what I could have thought. Ashley and Heather did an awesome job throwing an awesome shower for me (and Rob). I can't wait till I can officially call them sisters! Not too much longer now.

Now... It has been three days and every day for a few hours I am chipping away at the dwindling mountain of shower gifts. Unfortunately, it has come as easily as I would have wished. Our new dishes are larger than our current so they don't fit in the cupboard that our old dishes were stored in. So end result - we've had to overhaul and rearrange and move dishes from one to the other... it's been a pain, but I think everything should be taken care of within the next couple days... or so that is my hope.

Anyways, this weekend meant a lot to me (and Rob) and I am we are soo soo blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Thank you everyone for all the support with our big day. 6 1/2 weeks to go!


My Robbie!

There has been a lot happening in our household these past few day!

Rob's dad heard a rumor that a state police academy was possibly running this May. Rob was already in the process of filling out his application (all 19 pages!) which included lots of background information - all relatives, cohabitants, and financial history. He was taking his time on it, but honestly, wasn't completing it very quickly. Well this heads up made him jump on it and he successfully completed it and mailed it in a couple days ago. And that is only the start. Someone or somebodies are surely looking out for him, he got an email today stating he needs to take his agility test scheduled for March 9 - next friday! He has to talk to his supervisor tomorrow to get that day off, but he also needs to go to his doctor and get "approved" for the agility test! This is becoming a whirlwind as wedding plans are also coinciding with all of this. Funny how we haven't booked our honeymoon yet (we are going to Myrtle Beach), now we are waiting until we get confirmation of the academy, and now hopefully we will have some answers next week. If any of you get a chance - please send an email of encouragement to Rob. I do think it would mean something to him, to just wish him luck, as this has been a dream of his for a while. His email is robertledergerber@gmail.com

Thanks for the support!