I have really tried containing excitement for this house thing - and I am happy to report we are further along then we have ever been. Fingers are crossed and lots of prayers that we get this one. In trying to contain my excitement I took up a good deal that ShutterFly had and bought return address labels with the new address. Granted there is a possibility (small I suppose) that we don't get the house, but if so I will be out a couple bucks and I am OK with that. So inspection went well - didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know... We did some work to make some stuff pass code for the appraisal(replace a few rotted boards, add a handrail for the basement)... and then we had the appraisal and it appraised for the list price so that's good. And now our file has been passed on to the loan underwriter. And now we wait! As of August 20, they were processing files from July 16, so needless to say the government is a bit behind and that is what we are waiting on. Then we will pick a closing date and be moving! Couldn't come at a better time since rent is going up October 1 by $30!! Hello lower house payment!!

Other stuff:

My cousin and now 'cousin-in-law' are married!! Yay! She was an absolutely stunning bride and it was such a fun night!! Here are a few photos!


Sloooowwwllly... moving forward :)

After a near stress attack yesterday... I know my mom was getting a lot of concern from her friends because of my vague facebook post... *sorry*

I'm happy to report that we have our house inspection tomorrow at 9am. We also were able to "barter" with the previous buyers - we won't have to have a well/septic inspection as we got a deal and bought theirs! Win-Win!

I am not posting photos until the house is ours... but I think we may actually get further with this one. That is the hope and end goal anyways....

Until next time.


Oh man...

I keep being reminded by my sister-in-law, Katie, of how terrible I am at keeping everyone updated on our busy lives... so here goes nothing, almost 2 months (or longer) since I last gave an update... and unfortunately, I do not have much to report this time either  some good news, well exciting/nerve-racking etc... (catch all that strike-out font... this was going to be a boring start, but since I started it a LOT has happened actually - read on!)

Rob and I might be once again (third time is the charm?) - homeowners! It's all happened so fast, but we got a call from the new realtor we are working with about a house we had been interested in and had never gotten the chance to see it. First time around it had a few offers on it so we didn't look at it. We were working with a different realtor at that time... well it was still showing up in my search on realtor.com so I asked our new realtor about it and she said she would look into it... well good thing she did because last wednesday she called and said that the buyer had walked and we could look at it Thursday evening! So Thursday evening came, we saw the house, we wrote an offer... Jump to weekend, we verbally accepted the seller's counter-offer last night (Sunday) and tonight we go and sign paperwork and then hopefully have inspections lined up! I honestly don't want to jinx us because I think this house is perfect for our first home. It's not on a lake, but has lake access (about a mile from Lake Victoria in Laingsburg)... has a lot of unique characteristics to it as is and has lots of room for updates to improve and make a sell down the road profitable. I know that Rob and I have been to this point before and were quite disappointed/frustrated/discouraged when things didn't work out ---- but move up and forward right? And remain optimistic too! So that's the news. Nothing official, but here's to hoping :)