Wedding Highlights Video!

Drew, just sent this video out to me yesterday - a reminder of how special our day was!


Honeymoon near over

Well, its our last day here in Myrtle Beach. Around 5 this evening we will be arriving in Detroit to journey back to Lansing.

I have to say, I do miss home every time I leave, but the more and more I come down here [Myrtle Beach], the more it becomes hard to go back. I'm sure that would be the case anywhere in actuality, but I think this place has a lot of familiarity to it. I learn every time I come down here. Learn the local roads, how to get to places, the local eats etc. My parents have really lucked out with their retirement and relocation. They are lucky to call this place home. Maybe some day I will be able to do the same...

So anyways, honeymoon has been great. We've explored new places and I took a TON of photos [near 500 I believe]. Highlights, well who I am kidding, the whole trip was a highlight, a start of our new life and journey together... we saw Brookgreen Gardens, explored the USS Yorktown and USS Laffey in Mt. Pleasant. Visited historic Charleston, saw bottlenose dolphins on our Fort Sumter tour, took a horse and carriage ride.... visited the beach and watched a few people catch some small sharks off of the pier. Went golfing [and putt putt]. Ate with the locals. This trip, was truly amazing and I can't wait to visit here again.

Now on to our not so relaxing weekend- tonight we arrive home and swing by our place, swap out some stuff and head to St. Johns for Relay for Life festivities. Tomorrow the plan is to finish Thank Yous from our wedding and get those out! And then back to the daily grind on Monday (boo).

Anyways, you should see some photos surfacing from our wedding (and our honeymoon) the next few days and weeks :) Wedding photos are waiting for us at home :D Cannot wait to see those, share them, print them and reminisce on the day :)

See you all soon :)