Merry Christmas Eve

I love this time of year! Gathered with family and catching up with friends...

Last weekend we had both of Rob's side of the family Christmas's. On Saturday the 17th, we were at his Aunt Ann's in Greenville, which was a lot of fun and TONS of food! Sunday we had Rob's mom's Christmas at Fire Mountain and then a holiday party for our bowling league. It was fun!

Tonight we will head over to my aunt's house for my family's Christmas and though this year we will be skyping my parents in Myrtle Beach, the point is we will all still get to "see" each other. We plan on sleeping over at my sister's and then opening presents with my parents in the morning via skype again. Tomorrow afternoon we head to Rob's dad's house for their Christmas.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!


Time is flyiiiinnngg by!

So as the time is flying by it is really sinking in how quickly we are coming up to the big day! I'm going to be taking a new last name, starting the next chapter in my life, and really couldn't picture it any other way without Rob in it. He has completed my heart, and I am so SO grateful for great family, my mom and his aunt, for setting us up! Who woulda thought?!

My MOH and myself went and bought material for my veil, and I think it is coming along nice... its a bit more difficult than I had hoped, but am really enjoying making it, adding my own touches, not to mention the cost savings! I didn't realize how expensive veils can be!

Another reality on the wedding... my sister ordered her bridesmaid dress just a few weeks ago... and the dress was due in to the store in mid-January... well in actuality it has come in! Talk about Jimmy Johns fast! Jessica is waiting to get her dress and Maggie either has ordered or will be ordering it soon! Very exciting!

I am really starting to get excited... but I can't help to wonder with all this time spent preparing and getting ready for the big day - what will happen when it is all said and done?... is there a post-wedding depression?... because as much fun (and a bit of stress in there) as it has been, I don't really know what I am going to do when I don't have to plan anything!! How sad is that?!

Anyways, today has been a LONG day. I've been up since 2:15 am to go milk cows and I don't intend on sleeping until my normal time tonight... wish me luck!!

136 days and counting!


While I'm on my lunch...

I have three blogs now and have a difficult time updating every one of them, though they are all different (photos, crafts, and this one).

So here's an update on Rob and I.

Today we have 158 days until we are married. As for wedding stuff to be done:

- Need to purchase stamps for RSVP postcards + $0.03 stamps (stupid prices going up in Jan.). Then those  are done!

- fun paper things - menus, programs etc
- order flowers for groomsmen, dads, moms etc.
- order flowers from Sams for bouquets, not till closer to the wedding (YES, I did say Sams - bulk flowers for good $ =  SAWEEET!)

- Go over piano music with Judy for during the ceremony
- pick songs for the important dances at the reception
- a wedding license would be good, but not till closer
- finalize bridesmaid dresses - should be completing in the next week - YAY!

Um, that is all I can think of right now. All that Rob is thinking of is tee time for golfing. You can see the difference between man and woman minds when planning a wedding, lol.

In other news, this past weekend Rob and I sighted in guns for gun season. In fact, today and tomorrow I am solo - Rob is hunting and I am left alone at our place! Yay, lets hope I can get some stuff accomplished...

I took some pretty photos at Silver Lake a few weekends ago when we attended the Bunce wedding reception, so I will post those in the photography blog later - photographybyjh.blogspot.com

Um, nothing more. Hoping to update more often then currently



So Long!

Wow - already end of October. I have obviously been slacking on keeping this blog up-to-date! Sorry!

Anyways, I'm going to start recent and then go backwards (I think I will remember better that way, but bare with me as this may end up being a wordy post).

So recent recent, my mom and I went to taste-test a cake at Eagle Eye (Naomi Batterbee) last night. We tried 4 different flavors, all which were so yummy! Rob and my dad got to taste as well, although they didn't go with us, she had just prepared a few extra servings. She sketched a real simple and elegant design for our cake and we, with no hesitation, signed her on as our official wedding  cake baker! So one more thing to cross off the list as done! Now just need to make sure on the flavors, but since it is so early in the game we could change that up to a few weeks before. No worries.

Go backwards a few more days, Saturday, April October 22, mom and I met with Sarah at Eagle Eye to go over linens and get questions answered. We left very pleased, an estimated cost in hand, and even got some clever ideas from the two receptions that were setting up - yet again, Success!

Prior to that Rob got a deer!! A nice one compared to the dog deer he got last year. Photo below (sorry, deer is a little messy...)

And shortly after my last post - a new member joined the family. Mr Asher Leo Nance, made his grand debut on 10.10.11. He is so cute - I cannot wait to snuggle him when they come to Michigan Christmas time


Save the Date - April 21, 2012

Tomorrow Save the Dates will be mailed. Until you receive those, enjoy this video from Drew, our videographer!!


Well this weekend was opening day for bow hunting. I went out all 4 times with Rob and we had a lot of luck, seeing-wise, not shooting-wise. We saw a lot of does and fawns and Sunday we saw 2 bucks.

In the morning, we had what I think was a 8-pt buck go right underneath our stands and neither of us could get a clear shot. Rob was so bummed.

Sunday night, a 6 pt came in my range and I got a major adrenaline rush and was so shaky I couldn't get my sites set straight on the poor buck. Lucky him, as had my shot been less shaky, I may have had the confidence to shoot.

Better luck next time, but all in all, I consider it successful for my first time.

Here's to less buck fever in the future!


Hunting Season

well its been a little while since we updated.

This week, since October is just around the corner, we have been gearing up for the hunting season. It will be my first time ever hunting and I am both excited and nervous. I'm pretty much sited in with both field tips and broadheads, but today Rob wanted me to shoot from the stand. Now normally I wouldn't have too much an issue- I'm a little afraid of heights, but managed ok. When he placed the target close though I had to stop because I was too nervous to lean over the stand without a harness on...and falling from 17 feet, would be just a little bit painful. The next step is get my apprentice hunting license, which means I can hunt just like anyone else, but I need to be with a hunter who has had hunters safety and is over 18. Next year I will do a women's hunter safety course.

Anyways, on to excitement. Here are some exciting photos of some of the critters on the property this past week.
Nice 8 point! Big rack!

Another buck, smaller and hard to tell, but nice.

Another nice 8 pt!!

6 or 8 point. Buck nonetheless.

Tomorrow we have our second week of our mixed doubles bowling league. Our first week I missed as I was visiting family in Myrtle Beach. I am excited to see how this season turns out...not to mention it makes time go by quicker and thus wedding comes up quicker!

In wedding news - Save the Dates should be going out this week, so keep your eyes in the mail and look forward to something special online :) I can't tell you what the second is, but its simple cute and I love it!

Have a good week!


Busy busy week!

Wow, this week has been full of excitement. This Monday I flew home from Myrtle Beach where I was visiting my parents since Thursday, the 8th with my BFF, Jessica (coincidence I know, that we share the same name). I had a great time down there and the time was spent doing some fun and amazing things. We were literally busy every day. Here are some highlights...
At the Pelicans Baseball game - Steve and Dad

Starfish on the beach at Pawley's Island
Mom and Dad at Riverside Cafe
Me and Jessica at Riverside Cafe
Feeding frenzy of sharks off of the pier in Surfside Beach
Sky Wheel - ferris wheel right on MB - opened April this year
View from the Sky Wheel

So also some other amazing news took place this week. Little Brady Scott Miller, made his arrival on Monday, September 12. After a traumatic delivery, he came into the world via C-section weighing in at 8lb 2oz, measuring 20.75" at 5:56 pm. After a rough start, Brady is doing much better - here are some captured moments, that Molly (his aunt) caught on camera:
Left: Brady burrito; Top: Dad, Brady and mom; Bottom: lunchtime!; Right: Snuggle-bug

In last news of the week, I got to witness the marriage of Mr. Maynard Moon and his now lovely wife, Alice at the courthouse in St. Johns. It is always so sweet seeing a couple so in love. I was lucky to be able to go and be the "photographer"... here are some shots of the cute couple:

I hope everyone has had a great week! Rob and I are grateful to have spent the day with the lovely couple just above and are ready for to rest up the rest of the weekend!


Myrtle Beach

Quick post - I am on day 3 of 5 here in Myrtle Beach and LOVING it! This morning I tried on my wedding dress and it fit me so perfectly and it is really just perfect and all that I could have ever hoped to find for a dress. I cannot wait to wear it in just over 7 months!

Yesterday was a great day - we went to Pawley's Island and Surfside Beach. At Pawleys we saw (and saved, or tried to save) lots of starfish. They were so neat! At Surfside we saw a feeding frenzy of sharks off of the pier where the fisherman were throwing their bait fish back to leave for the day. It was such an amazing day and I am so excited to play with all of the photos I have taken when I return!


Weekend plans

So far this weekend has been great. Though it is only Saturday evening we have been busy and it looks like the rest of the weekend will be the same. Last night after I got my hair cut (love, LOVE my hair stylist btw) my friend, Nick, was in town for labor day weekend, so we met up with him for dinner and dessert. We hung out for 3 hours and talked about anything and everything - it was really great to see him!

Today we took aka "kidnapped" my nephew, Kory, and wen to Great Lakes Crossing mall in Auburn Hills to hit up Bass Pro Shop for hunting stuff. We ended up buying a weekend package at Boyne there, but couldn't pass it up with it only costing $129 and we will end up getting $125 in Bass Pro Shop giftcards. How can you say no to that? Well, personally, I could have said no, but the thought of being able to golf, Rob didn't want to pass that offer... So apparently in the next year we are going for a little mini vacation to Boyne. As for the real reason we went to Bass Pro, was to get me a pink quick release for my pink camo bow (all of these pictures will come later I assure you) and to check out their women's line of hunting clothing. We walked the rest of the mall and ate lunch and overall had a good day. Here's a quick photo I took of the boys just before we left...

Our dream 'mini vehicle'

So now we are back home after dropping the kiddo off back with my sister. She made some yummy penne chicken alfredo that unfortunately my nephew didn't care for, so that's what is for dinner...

As for the rest of this long weekend - tomorrow we have church in the morning and then Rob is going to change the oil in the car as well as the spark plugs and wires...

And it sounds like Monday we may be hanging out with Nick again as well as our friends, Megan and Jim. Although the long weekend will be nice, its going to go by quick. Lucky for me - work Tuesday and Wednesday and then Myrtle Beach with my bff, Jessica! Get to see my parents, take a vacation and try on my WEDDING DRESS!! EEEEE!


New Design!!

Well any one who follows, will now notice a more fun blog I hope. With a little help from google I was able to manipulate the header so I could put something fun up there :)

Off to turn in rent and head to bed!

Was really great seeing everyone at Wendy's tonight.


Save the Dates!

Well, we have officially ordered our save the dates - as they are to be sent out between 6 and 8 months (according to my checklist from the knot), and we just hit the 8 month mark! Exciting, how time flies by so fast!

Also our amazing videographer, Drew, put together an amazing save the date video which will be posted following our save the dates being sent. But that video is really cute too. Its amazing what some one with his talent and creativity is capable of doing. I can't wait to see what he captures for our wedding and for our reception.

In other news, life as we know it, is going well. This week was pretty busy for both of us, and Rob got the news following his MRI, that he actually does not have a torn rotator cuff!! Yea, although his shoulder is still killing him and he will be getting a cortisone shot this Tuesday to help with the pain.

Last night Rob had some mother-bonding time over a Lugnuts Baseball game. Said he enjoyed himself and allowed me to get some wedding stuff done. Today we slept in and then went to the Potter Park zoo for a change of pace and to get outside. we just got back from a family function at Jim and Becky's (cousins on Jessica's dad side). There is always a lot of food and lots of people, so its good to catch up with family that we don't see only but a few times a year. Every now and again they have poker tournaments too so that will be something to go to.

Jessica's parents survived Irene, though Irene didn't end up hitting them as originally thought would happen. Last I had heard, they had a tropical storm warning and the weather was clearing up nicely today. Prayers sent out to those that Irene hit or is heading too.

Tomorrow will be another lazy laid back day. I'm hoping to accomplish a few more scrapbook things or a wedding item or too, though I have lost motivation. I did however finish a word book for a certain family member and am working on the second one for another family member. That post can be checked out here

I will have more to update sure enough and keep your eyes out in the next month for some save the dates - they will be on there way soon enough :) I believe there are 238 days until the wedding....


Day to day life...

This week has been crazy busy, and yet it is going by sooooo slow! My work is crazy busy and Rob is exhausted...

it's sad I just want to go home and go to bed when I get out of work. Absolutely no motivation. The past two nights (not tonight) Rob has ended up taking a nap prior to going to bed. Sheesh.

In better news, this weekend we have a Lugnuts game with CTFE on Saturday night and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. So I'm hoping things calm down after this weekend, because at least for me, tomorrow is super busy and I don't want to think about Friday... Bring on the weekend!!


Wedding plans

Well, plans are moving forward well (notice the new ticker @ the bottom!). Invitations are near done (about 97% done)... I have to wait on a few things such as hotel information and addresses before they are complete. But that is a huge weight off my shoulders to have those nearly done

The design for save the dates is done. I haven't ordered them yet, but then again they won't be mailed for another month... I guess that is going to come quickly :)

We are meeting with the cake lady when my parents get back from MB (end of September).

We'll keep you posted as things keep moving forward. We are really looking forward to April 21!

Daisypath Wedding tickers


A few sneak peeks!

I think I finally got the rest of my supplies to FINISH invitations :) Thanks Michaels and a good sale...

Here are a few sneak peeks of what has been happening with wedding stuff...
Invite color palette - love it!

Table numbers are done!!... for the sweetheart table too!


My Dress...

Is IN!!!

Just got a call from Amanda's Collection in Conway, SC yesterday... now the dilemma... do I fly down there to get it, or just have my parents get it when they are down there...

Oh the decisions! :)


I'm not good at this...

Welcome to another episode - It Has been A VERY VERY LONG time since I we (recently switched the posting to account for both Rob and I, not just myself) posted... when I checked it was December - yikes! Wedding plans are moving along smoothly (for the most part). Invitations are about 85% done. They are all printed, 95% of the pocket folders are made, and one more insert needs to be made and then mass assembling and they will be complete! Hard to believe that its less than a year already.

In other news, old news now, we moved in together March 19. Things have been going well. Lucy is screaming all the time, so all is the same. LOL. She is screaming now while this is being typed.

I will be posting sneak peeks soon of wedding stuff - yay :)

Anywho, that shall be it for now. Hopefully sooner, than later I'll be back