So Long!

Wow - already end of October. I have obviously been slacking on keeping this blog up-to-date! Sorry!

Anyways, I'm going to start recent and then go backwards (I think I will remember better that way, but bare with me as this may end up being a wordy post).

So recent recent, my mom and I went to taste-test a cake at Eagle Eye (Naomi Batterbee) last night. We tried 4 different flavors, all which were so yummy! Rob and my dad got to taste as well, although they didn't go with us, she had just prepared a few extra servings. She sketched a real simple and elegant design for our cake and we, with no hesitation, signed her on as our official wedding  cake baker! So one more thing to cross off the list as done! Now just need to make sure on the flavors, but since it is so early in the game we could change that up to a few weeks before. No worries.

Go backwards a few more days, Saturday, April October 22, mom and I met with Sarah at Eagle Eye to go over linens and get questions answered. We left very pleased, an estimated cost in hand, and even got some clever ideas from the two receptions that were setting up - yet again, Success!

Prior to that Rob got a deer!! A nice one compared to the dog deer he got last year. Photo below (sorry, deer is a little messy...)

And shortly after my last post - a new member joined the family. Mr Asher Leo Nance, made his grand debut on 10.10.11. He is so cute - I cannot wait to snuggle him when they come to Michigan Christmas time

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