While I'm on my lunch...

I have three blogs now and have a difficult time updating every one of them, though they are all different (photos, crafts, and this one).

So here's an update on Rob and I.

Today we have 158 days until we are married. As for wedding stuff to be done:

- Need to purchase stamps for RSVP postcards + $0.03 stamps (stupid prices going up in Jan.). Then those  are done!

- fun paper things - menus, programs etc
- order flowers for groomsmen, dads, moms etc.
- order flowers from Sams for bouquets, not till closer to the wedding (YES, I did say Sams - bulk flowers for good $ =  SAWEEET!)

- Go over piano music with Judy for during the ceremony
- pick songs for the important dances at the reception
- a wedding license would be good, but not till closer
- finalize bridesmaid dresses - should be completing in the next week - YAY!

Um, that is all I can think of right now. All that Rob is thinking of is tee time for golfing. You can see the difference between man and woman minds when planning a wedding, lol.

In other news, this past weekend Rob and I sighted in guns for gun season. In fact, today and tomorrow I am solo - Rob is hunting and I am left alone at our place! Yay, lets hope I can get some stuff accomplished...

I took some pretty photos at Silver Lake a few weekends ago when we attended the Bunce wedding reception, so I will post those in the photography blog later - photographybyjh.blogspot.com

Um, nothing more. Hoping to update more often then currently



  1. You should just get the Forever stamps! Then you wont have to worry about buying the .03 stamps!!

  2. Unfortunately, I don't think that postcard stamps come in forever, so not sure thats an option...otherwise I would!