Time is flyiiiinnngg by!

So as the time is flying by it is really sinking in how quickly we are coming up to the big day! I'm going to be taking a new last name, starting the next chapter in my life, and really couldn't picture it any other way without Rob in it. He has completed my heart, and I am so SO grateful for great family, my mom and his aunt, for setting us up! Who woulda thought?!

My MOH and myself went and bought material for my veil, and I think it is coming along nice... its a bit more difficult than I had hoped, but am really enjoying making it, adding my own touches, not to mention the cost savings! I didn't realize how expensive veils can be!

Another reality on the wedding... my sister ordered her bridesmaid dress just a few weeks ago... and the dress was due in to the store in mid-January... well in actuality it has come in! Talk about Jimmy Johns fast! Jessica is waiting to get her dress and Maggie either has ordered or will be ordering it soon! Very exciting!

I am really starting to get excited... but I can't help to wonder with all this time spent preparing and getting ready for the big day - what will happen when it is all said and done?... is there a post-wedding depression?... because as much fun (and a bit of stress in there) as it has been, I don't really know what I am going to do when I don't have to plan anything!! How sad is that?!

Anyways, today has been a LONG day. I've been up since 2:15 am to go milk cows and I don't intend on sleeping until my normal time tonight... wish me luck!!

136 days and counting!

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