I'm apparently no good at blogging, personal or for business. Ugh!

So, so much to update on too!

Let's see...

Since the last update (a long, LONG time ago)...

I formally launched my photography business website: jessicaledergerberphotography.com... business isn't what I would call 'booming' by any means, but I get to photography on average about once a month and its a little extra income and I LOVE doing it... so if you know anyone who needs some photos done... you know where you could send them :)

Rob and I have put an offer in on another house (that is if I failed to mention we had put an offer in on a HUD home in Bath, that we did not get). This house is perfect location for us. I think the biggest downside is not having a basement, but its 1,344 square feet on 1.12 acres of country land. Rob's perk is that the creek in the backyard is our land boundary and just beyond that is over 200 acres of public hunting land. Hopefully, fingers crossed and some added prayers, we should know in the next couple weeks whether our offer is accepted by the bank :) We will keep you informed of any news, but for now we keep praying and hope this is the plan that HE has in mind for us.

So the holidays quickly approached and now are gone... My parents surprised the crap out of us and drove into town Christmas Eve. Luckily, I had Christmas Eve-the day after Christmas off, so I could spend some good quality time with them before they headed out this morning! Rob's stepbrother and his wife were in town with their son, Brady from NC and it was great to catch up with them too. I love spending time with my family and my newly acquired family on Rob's side :)

I'm unsure of our plans for NYE, but it sounds like we may be hanging out with a couple we don't see often enough... other than that, this year has flown by! I can't believe Rob and I have already passed the 8 month mark of being married!

I guess that is about the latest. I will attempt to update this a little more regularly - maybe a New Year's resolution? And next time I will even try to include some photos :)

Until next time :)