Taste-testing + Other fun stuff

This past week, on Tuesday, Rob and I had our taste-testing for our reception menu! There was so much yummy food. We sat at a table with two other couples who were getting married May and June and we're having their receptions the same place as us (as opposed to Eagle Eye reception rooms, since they had different color cards for Hawk Hollow and Eagle Eye). Right before the tasting, I showed Rob the room we reserved for the rehearsal - called the Log Cabin room, which as it states is very log cabin - it has the log walls, lots of deer heads and a full mount brown bear and wolf. Rob was pretty excited to see it in person. But anyways, at the tasting, we tried various chickens, beefs, salmon and tilapia, and some vegetarian meals. All were very yummy, but I think we have finally narrowed it down to one each of chicken and beef.

The saturday before, we met with Uncle Mike to go over Ceremony stuff. He gave us a couple books, which we need to look through for ideas for readings and such. He says we can do whatever, but these books provide the most popular and common readings specifically for weddings. Funny, while meeting (at the Wheel Inn) we had parked next to a vehicle who ended up being someone that Rob knows. Well, when he was backing out, he hit the car (BUMMER!), but since we were not occupying the vehicle, it was considered private property and all damages are being covered by their auto insurance, plus a rental car since the work will be about 3 days worth. Aside from the minimal damage, the waitress was the driver's wife, who felt seriously bad and covered our bill, letting us leave a nice tip for her. All in all, it was all quite amusing, and after meeting with Uncle Mike, I think we are well on our way to finalizing ceremony details!

In other wedding news, I pick up my dress on Wednesday, fingers crossed all the alterations are just as they need to stay! I am very excited to have that back! This coming weekend is "Jessy day/weekend" as my good friend Megan called it today while at bowling. Funny enough I questioned why she said that until I realized that this weekend I have back-to-back bridal showers (with both families) and a bachelorette party in the middle! Woohoo, funny how all the wedding stuff is moving forward so fast and I forgot that next weekend already are my showers! Rob has a 10 game 9-pin no tap bowling tournament on saturday, so at least he will be kept busy, though he plans on leaving at 9:30 Saturday and I probably won't see him except for a bit on sunday morning and then sunday evening. I am hoping the weekend will be fun for both of us, not to mention that my parents will be in town for the short weekend. It will be really good to see them and spend time with them for the little time they are here.

We have had a laid back weekend. Went out coyote hunting last night. I find it to be very boring so I have informed Rob to not bother asking me any more. Between sitting in the cold, not moving or talking, watching for what appears to be nothing, and listening to the most annoying fake rabbit shrieking for an hour, I was pretty fed up with it. Oh yes, add all the layers of clothes to put on, the 3 sizes too large military boots (Thanks dad, they do keep my feet very warm, but are slightly too large) and then carrying a chair and a gun = not fun, not doing again. Save my energy for deer hunting where we only got skunked once or twice this past season! Today we had church and then lunch. I took a late afternoon siesta and then this evening we had bowling leagues. It feels funny bowling with all the rest of the league since we haven't in 6 weeks due to our trip to Myrtle Beach and Megan and Jim's cruise. Sigh.

Work tomorrow and I am sure it will be another long week. Until another update...


A Short update

Well time is really really flying by fast.

We are at 2 months and 1 week until our big day! And we couldn't be more thrilled!

This past weekend we sent invitations out (so keep an eye out for them) and next week we do our taste testing - yummo!

I have a few things I am working on around here, but pretty much most everything is falling into place. I know as the time gets closer I will become more and more nervous.

In fact, here's a funny story - I have started having nightmares about the wedding. Last night's nightmare was about my 5th that I have had in the past few weeks. It involved missing our hair appointments, getting our hair done late and then looking awful, followed by bridesmaids in the wrong color dress and missing groomsman. I surely hope this isn't a sign of what is going to happen!! Haha!

Well, Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary to Maggie and Peter - 3 years already - wow!