A Short update

Well time is really really flying by fast.

We are at 2 months and 1 week until our big day! And we couldn't be more thrilled!

This past weekend we sent invitations out (so keep an eye out for them) and next week we do our taste testing - yummo!

I have a few things I am working on around here, but pretty much most everything is falling into place. I know as the time gets closer I will become more and more nervous.

In fact, here's a funny story - I have started having nightmares about the wedding. Last night's nightmare was about my 5th that I have had in the past few weeks. It involved missing our hair appointments, getting our hair done late and then looking awful, followed by bridesmaids in the wrong color dress and missing groomsman. I surely hope this isn't a sign of what is going to happen!! Haha!

Well, Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary to Maggie and Peter - 3 years already - wow!

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