I'm not good at this...

Welcome to another episode - It Has been A VERY VERY LONG time since I we (recently switched the posting to account for both Rob and I, not just myself) posted... when I checked it was December - yikes! Wedding plans are moving along smoothly (for the most part). Invitations are about 85% done. They are all printed, 95% of the pocket folders are made, and one more insert needs to be made and then mass assembling and they will be complete! Hard to believe that its less than a year already.

In other news, old news now, we moved in together March 19. Things have been going well. Lucy is screaming all the time, so all is the same. LOL. She is screaming now while this is being typed.

I will be posting sneak peeks soon of wedding stuff - yay :)

Anywho, that shall be it for now. Hopefully sooner, than later I'll be back

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