October - Present

Bobby is 8.5 months old.

Seriously where has the time gone?! My baby is growing up. Fast.

And he is smart. He is strong (we call him Hulk sometimes - he's got the strong grunt noise down). He's a comedian. He's my munchkin, monkey and I love him to the moon and back.

His current accomplishments involve crawling backwards (complaining the entire time because he wants to move forward). He loves to stand up - he can balance for an average of 4.543268 seconds or so. He let's you know when he doesn't want to sit, or stand, or be held. He does what we term "the Jessy" - if we want him to sit and he doesn't want to - he'll lock his knees, straighten his back and go stiff as a board. It's hilarious. He's a master at pulling the Jessy when being put in his carseat - which he hates being put into.

He's got his two bottom teeth (he's had those since 5.5 months - no new teeth in sight yet, though with his bottom ones there was no indication, they were just there one day. I imagine the same will happen with the next ones. He'll go to bed with 2 teeth and wake up with 3, maybe 4.

Here's some photos, video of the little squirmy dude.

Cheesing it up before seeing the Easter Bunny. Myrtle Beach,

Loved the Easter Bunny!

Not a huge fan of peas...

Bobby's first Easter 2015

He loves his puppy

He has serious bed head issues.

Tongue obsession. Another new.

First mohawk

Seriously handsome in his big boy car seat. 

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