We have a new deck!

I cannot remember the last time I posted. That's OK. I am. I have time. The past month has been capital C CRAZY!

After being in our home nearly 3 years, we bit the bullet and re-did our deck! Man what a huge under-taking, but the work has paid off! Look at this fabulous-ness. It's perfect for the dog, Bobby, grilling, relaxing... the list could go on and on. It is an extension of our home! I hope all involved (you know who you are) know how much you are appreciated for what small or little things you did to finish this massive project. Here's photos!

Our old deck (missing a few rails)

That's a lot of lumber...

The deck is coming down!

Our house literally looks naked without a deck!

Watching from the side lines!


"Bobby's Deck"

Front decking is done!

View from the front - no railings!

Clear-span underneath!

Bobby approved!

Its done!

360* view!

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  1. What an incredible transformation! Me and my wife have gone through the same projects, so believe me when I tell you that I know exactly how crazy (capital C crazy!) it must’ve been for you. But based on your photos, I can tell that all the hard work paid off really well. I hope you enjoy this wonderful and impressive new deck of yours!