Wedding accomplishments

Well, last night my sister and I had a blast and we accomplished a lot! Kory and her came over around 5 and Kory and Rob played video games while my sister and myself perfected my bridal veil, hairpiece and finished my shoes - well they may be near finish...I'm up in the air on a few details possibly left. We had so much fun, putting stuff together, messing around and skyping with mom (and dad sporatically - he was watching the Lions). Overall it was a very successful and fun night. They didn't leave until after 11, but tired as we all were, things got accomplished and I couldn't be more happy. Saving money, awesome pieces for the wedding, super fun time... etc etc.

Today has been a lazy day. I decided to opt out of church this morning so I have been accomplishing a lot of laundry (the laundry that never ends is near an end now!) and my intentions for this evening are to work on the invitations. Once I finish the detail I am working on, I will have just to finish the enclosures and the details on the outside, and we will be set. Overall they are about 90% complete, which makes me extremely happy because they need to go out end of the month beginning of February! Yikes! Where has the time gone? Bridal showers are just around the corner and pretty soon I will be posting saying that "today is the day". I'm finally getting the last minute (though 3.5 months out) jitters/nerves and stresses. I tell Rob this daily. And I don't think its stuff that is going to go away... its just detail stuff that absolutely cannot be done yet, and that friends and family, annoys me! :) I can't do menu stuff, or programs because those few details just aren't settled on yet! Sigh.

Done ranting! According to my smartphone app - 103 days, 20 hours and 39 minutes until the big day :)

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