Single Digits!

Well we've reached the single digits - 9 more days. It is so hard to believe. Though Rob and I have been at each others throats during this stress, let me emphasize STRESSful time, we are so happy to finally be reaching our big day... It will be nice to have "free time" or "Non-wedding time"... I would love to do some more photography!

All that is left to be done is place cards, wrapping presents (plus buying a few more) and um... that's about it! My hair cut/color and test 'updo is tomorrow - Robbie is getting his chopped the day before...

Tee times are set up for the day of for the men to golf... We were able to gain access for the reception hall and chapel for night before (Yay, a lot less stressed because of this). Rehearsal is squared away + dinner following. If you aren't sure if you're invited check with me or Rob or Marian (we just emailed her yesterday with Rob's side of the family).

I can finally count down number of days till "Happy Ever After", new last name and less stress... oh yes, and a very loving husband! Can't wait! <3

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