Wedding is over!

Thank you to everyone for sharing in our special day!! It was so sooo very perfect. We couldn't have ever imagined or dreamed it would turn out as well as it did (not to think it wouldn't be a good day, but rarely do weddings go perfectly as planned)

Married life is wonderful, btw! We've just reached the week + some days mark. We finalized our B&B reservations for our honeymoon, which we leave for next week :) I am very excited for that! Can't wait not only to vacation with my hubby, but just to relax and not be at work!

Photographer says photos will be done soon, so hopefully I will be posting some photos. There are lots on facebook though, if you haven't seen them - from our photographer, videographer, friends and family!

Post wedding news:
Rob's moving forward with his State Police Application, so send prayers and cross your fingers for him. Last week, trooper Herman did some home visits to get an idea of the person Rob was as part of his background check. I believe our place (to talk to me) was the last stop on his list of places... to my knowledge. The trooper said all was well and that he was typing up his list sending it on to Lansing so they could contact him for his hiring interview to the academy! Please please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he *hopefully* moves forward to his dream job!

Much Love

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