Baby L

This past Monday, I had my first ultrasound- for anatomy! I was 18 weeks 0 days. We could have opted to find out gender but decided to stick with our original idea of having it be a surprise.

The 20 minutes of ultrasound was so amazing. Baby was very relaxed (heart rate of 154 bpm) and had one hand behind its head and it's feet crossed at the ankles. Only was did baby decide to be a little stubborn and turn while the ultrasound technician was trying to look at all areas of the heart. She was successful eventually.  Seeing baby and knowing I'm growing a human inside is very surreal and the ultrasound really brought to light my future as a mom, and Rob's as a dad. Baby was currently 265 g or 9.3 ounces which happens to be right in the middle of the pack (55th percentile) for weight. I am not promised I'll get another ultrasound unless I encounter any complications or they need to check things out as I get close to delivery, but this is surely a memory I will not forget. This pregnancy has truly been easy and if things keep as they have, I won't mind another 1 or 2 in the future. Here's our little bug :)

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