Baby L Update

Well this morning I had my 32 week check-up! I'm happy to be in the home stretch now, only 8 weeks left or just shy of 2 months!

Baby L is doing great! I am measuring right where I am supposed to be, baby's head is down (still) and little one was very active this morning- heart rate was up at 160! Funny about the head down though... The nurse kind of gave me an odd look after feeling around to see how baby was positioned. She asked if I get a lot of movement off to my right, to which I replied yes. Apparently head is down, butt is left and feet are right - so making an L shape essentially. Interesting, but makes complete sense with the way my stomach contorts to odd shapes as of late.I'm hoping that baby stays comfy in this position and remains head down so we don't have any goofy stuff to deal with when I get closer to Delivery (D-day).

In other news, Baby L is really spoiled, lucky and loved by all of our family and close friends. We had a small baby shower on June 7. And now aside from some minor rearranging, baby's room is really coming together nicely. We have the crib set all assembled and I have most of the baby items that need to be washed, washed. Extra necessities for baby are all in their place for the most part so now we just wait for baby. This week I am working on my birth plan and putting together items for my hospital bag. Oh and we need to buy gender specific take-home outfits for the hospital...

But all is well. I'm still feeling relatively well aside from increased peeing, swelling of my feet, exhaustion and general achiness (lower back mainly). But that is not me complaining because I have had a nice, easy pregnancy and I am just really looking forward to meeting little her or him in a few months!

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