Baby L - Wiggles on Camera

So I may or may not have an obsession with trying to catch my little babe on camera now that I've reached the stage where it seems like I have an alien inside me trying to bust out aka my stomach is in constant motion. Up until about a week or so ago, babe was camera shy and now s/he appears to not care, which is great and offers me hours of entertainment (literally). Rob isn't nearly as impressed. 

I've started terming poking at my stomach as "pissin' off the child" because I poke until I get poked back and then my belly bounces around for a while. Rob did however find amusement the other day at it, he took my stomach in both hands and shook it. A LOT. I was highly amused, and good thing for amniotic fluid or I would have been convinced that the child received shaken baby syndrome...

Anywho, here is a 2-minute snippet of what I call Zumba baby. And no, the music was not actually playing (like my parents may have thought), I added it in before I uploaded it. Enjoy and be prepared, it's 2 minutes long.

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